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Learn English with us

Here are some fun videos we have made to help you to revise your English!

A positive news report

A revision of the past simple

Cèlya and Manon show us how NOT to pronounce -ED endings for regular verbs in the past simple.

The booo-merang

A revision of the present continuous

Have you ever seen a boomerang that doesn’t bounce back? Noah and Nathan show us how to make one in this tutorial. They describe what they ARE DOING each step of the way, using the present continuous.

A pancake recipe

A revision of the present continuous

Pancakes anyone? Manon and Iris share this simple recipe, and help us to revise the present simple.

Interview with a star

A revision of the future

Kaelyn interviews Rihanna Juliette, and they talk about her FUTURE plans to travel and her upcoming concert in Marseille.

Oh the weather

A revision of the past simple, the present continuous, the present simple and the future

Jade and Boris have a little weather adventure!

The deadly wishwasher

A funny improvisation in English

Cèlya wanted a colourful dishwasher. It cost her her life…